Social Work

Study Abroad

Hands-On Service-Learning in Seville, Spain

Students will spend three amazing weeks in beautiful Seville, Spain! They will take part in hands-on service-learning at social service agencies around Seville. Students will also be immersed further into the culture by living with a host family. There will also be many cultural events such as a flamenco performance, a bull flight, an olive oil tour, a cooking demonstration, museum visits, and much more!

This interdisciplinary program between the Department of Social Work and the Department of Nutritional Sciences focuses on civic and social responsibilities related to the global problem of food insecurity. Students will compare and contrast food insecurity and strategies for addressing this social problem through community service-learning in Fort Worth, Texas and Seville, Spain. While in Seville, students will experience cultural immersion by living with local host families and participating in Spanish cultural programs at the Giralda Center Spanish House. Students will also visit museums and local sites and attend lectures and presentations to help them better understand Spanish culture, food insecurity and civic responsibility in Spain. Students will participate in hands-on service-learning at Santa Joaquina Charter School, Cocina Economica Nuestra Senora del Rosario (an agency serving persons who are homeless), and Solidarios (a social service agency devoted to providing community and food for the homeless). Students will gain a greater understanding of the global problem of food insecurity and hunger and the need for social services to address this problem. Civic responsibility is promoted through course activities and assignments by emphasizing each individual’s role as a leader and citizen in the global community.

Students participating in this Study Abroad trip will earn 6 TCU core credit hours with Global Awareness (GA), Citizenship and Social Values, and Social Sciences (SSC).

NTDT 30993-A Global Perspective of Food Insecurity (GA)
SOWO 30593-Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens in the global World (CSV,SSC)

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