Social Work

BSW Curriculum

The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree is available. Social work is also available as a double major on the BS or BA degrees and as a minor on most degrees.
Requirements for the BS with a major in social work total 124 semester hours and include:
• Three hours of human biology: BIOL 10003 Contemporary Issues in Human Biology.
• Three hours of statistics: MATH 10043.
• Three hours of psychology: PSYC 10213 General Psychology.
The following 12 hours are considered foundation courses and should be taken according to course prerequisites and requirements:
Foundation Courses 12 semester hours:
SOWO 10833 Introduction to Social Work
SOWO 30803 Professional Communication for Social Work
SOWO 30863 Issues in Social Welfare Policy
SOCI 20213 Introduction to Sociology or SOCI 20223 Social Problems

Social Work Courses 27 semester hours:
SOWO 30833 Macro Social Work Practice
SOWO 30843 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I
SOWO 30853 Human Behavior and the Social Environment II
SOWO 30883 Micro Social Work Practice
SOWO 40813 Research Methods in Social Work
SOWO 40886 Field Education I
SOWO 40896 Field Education II

Twelve hours chosen from SOWO electives, at least one from each of the following areas:
Diversity and Cultural Awareness
SOWO 30513 Social Work and Civil Rights
SOWO 30563 Social Work and the Media
SOWO 30583 Social Work and Diversity
SOWO 30580 International Community Service (Mexico)
SOWO 30593 Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens in the Global Community
Methods of Practice
SOWO 40423 Ethics in Social Work Practice
SOWO 40453 Social Work with Diverse Populations
SOWO 40463 Social Work with Groups and Families
SOWO 40543 Social Work with Older Adults
Field of Practice
SOWO 30523 Addictions
SOWO 30533 Social Work in the Criminal Justice System
SOWO 30543 Family Health
SOWO 30553 Social Work with Adolescents
SOWO 30573 Child Welfare
SOWO 40513 Interdisciplinary Approaches to Healthy Aging
SOWO 40523 Law and Social Work
SOWO 40563 Death and Dying

The following options may fit any of the above areas depending on content. The BSW program director will determine under which topic area each fits.

SOWO 10533 Freshman Seminar in Social Work
SOWO 30003 Honors Tutorial in Social Work
SOWO 40003 Senior Honors Research Project
SOWO 40510 Directed Study in Social Work
SOWO 40520 Contemporary Topics in Social Work